About Us Together we can make a difference

Our Story

PHA aims to deliver an ambitious plan and make a positive impact on the Palestinian community in Calgary, Alberta, and Canada.

Our objectives are:

  • Promote and maintain Palestinian history, culture, identity and heritage.
  • Recognize, promote and reward Canadian Palestinians’ achievements.
  • Create a platform to promote Palestinian owned businesses in Alberta and Canada in general.
  • Provide assistance to new immigrants to help them settle and integrate into the larger Canadian Society by providing them with a support system, community resources, job and house search as needed.
  • Establish, construct and maintain liaisons with other communities and organizations that share PHA values.
  • Build a Palestinian voice to help our representation at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels.
  • Ensure Palestinians are represented in a professional and progressive manner locally and nationally.
  • Promote and encourage activities and projects that are consistent with and will further the objectives of Palestine House.
  • Accept funds through donations, gifts, and fundraising activities and in turn donate all or part of these funds through Government approved charities.

Our Values

  • Stewardship: PHA boost a spirit of service that optimizes resources responsibly via a board of directors accountable for ethical and transparent work as well as affirming the dignity and potential of volunteers, donors, partners, and beneficiaries. 
  • Sustainability: PHA is an entity that creates the environment for collaboration with individuals and organizations whose initiatives meet our criteria and demonstrate the commitment to long-term sustainability.
  • Inclusiveness: PHA is an inclusive and open group premised on the Palestinian social characters.  We recognize, promote and celebrate the diversity among the Palestinian community in Calgary and Canada.
  • Transparency: PHA aims to clearly state its mission and communicate the outcomes of its actions to stakeholders. The more transparent PHA becomes, the more trustworthy PHA will be viewed by the public, donors, and regulators.
  • Solidarity: PHA pledges to unite the Palestinian community under common themes and ideals of solidarity.
  • Creativity: PHA is continually on a journey of self-discovery and self-determination. PHA is not afraid to take risks, try new things and forge a new path for ourselves, our community, and its members. 

Our Vision

PHA aims to empower Palestinians in General and Palestinian youth in particular with:

  • National Awareness.
  • Leadership.
  • Networking Opportunities.
To initiate sustainable development and economic viability through:
  • Volunteerism.
  • Social Activism.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Advocacy Locally and Nationally.

Our Mission

PHA aims to:

  • Promote an active leadership role for Palestinians within our community.
  • Provide Palestinians the opportunity to develop extracurricular skills so as to be active and recognized within the larger Canadian society.
  • Provide Palestinians with constructive and meaningful activities.